Parosy Factory
PAROSY is a factory specializing in making Bridal gowns, Bridesmaids dresses, Cocktail dresses, Prom dresses, Dancing dresses, Karneval costumes and Ladies’ fashions. Besides, our factory also processes Knitted and Woven apparels.

Starting from a small factory in 1996, experiencing nearly two decades of continuous development and expansion, currently Parosy has a large factory with area of over 6,000 square meters and nearly 500 workers. Our products have been exporting to different markets such as USA, Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, and Switzerland), Japan and Australia.

With an enthusiastic and professional team of designers, staffs and workers, we always try to provide customers with best policies, high quality products and timely delivery.
General information
• Established: 2006
• Size:  over 6,000 sqm
• Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
• Total number of workers: about 400 people
• No. of workshop: 2
No. 1: making ready-to-wear garments & costumes (for Halloween, Christmas,…)
No. 2: making Wedding, party & dancing dresses
• Supply ability: 150,000 – 250,000 pcs for all kinds
• Management certificate: ISO 9001:2008
• Main market: USA, EU (Germany, France,…), Japan & Australia
• Export percentage: 80 – 90%
Workshop 1: Ready-to-wear garments
• No. of workers: Over 300 people
• Capacity: 150,000 – 200,000 pcs/month
• Sewing lines: 8
• Category of products: knitted and woven garments (tops, shorts, skirts, dress, costumes,…)
Workshop 2: Wedding, party & dancing dresses
• No. of workers: 60 people
• Capacity: 800 – 1,000 pcs/month
• Category of products: wedding gown, party dress, dancing dress, bridesmaids dress, children dress & wedding acessories (veils, gloves, hair clips,…)
• Working day per week: 06 days
• Regular working hours: 08 hours per day/ 48 hours per a week
• Working shift: 01
• Overtime working hours: 01 hours per (allowed by Goverment ).
• The workers have rights  to work overtime voluntarily
• Break time for lunch: 01 hour a day. Lunch paid by factory
• Total length of training period for workers: 01 month
Health, safety and welfare
• The workers are provided with safe drinking warter
• Medical Department with nurse are responsible for initial treatment.
• Board of Management contribute to medical insurance in all working time, accident insurance and social insurance for worker.
• Factory is well – equipped with lighting, heating and cooling system in order to create favorable working conditions for working time. Further more, industrialized cleaning is paid attention to.


Certificate Management: ISO9001:2008

Parosy Factory 2

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